Arran's Story  - from rehab to climbing mountains

When Arran, a cheeky and determined nine-year-old with cerebral palsy was told that he might never climb hills, he decided to prove everyone wrong.

He climbed Mt Kosciuszko.

Arran, who has been coming to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick since he was first diagnosed at about 18 months, would regularly see a suite of specialists, from rehab doctors to orthopaedic surgeons to neurologists. They worked with him and his parents to help him learn how to walk and to move, as best as he could.

As time went on, Arran would visit the Cerebral Palsy clinic every six months, where he’d get botox injections to help reduce spasticity in his muscles. Every year, he’s also regularly fitted with orthotics as ankle foot supports to give him the stability and support to stand up and walk.

“Staff at the Hospital are amazing. They’re dedicated and so interested in not only Arran, but the whole family. That means so much to all of us.”

- Arran’s mum, Karen

But Arran wanted more than just to walk. He wanted to run.

With the support of his family and staff at the Hospital, he was able to do just that. Arran held the Under 10 world record for race running – an international sport for people with impaired balance – where participants run with the aid of a custom-built tricycle without pedals.

Last year Arran joined other kids with Cerebral Palsy to climb Mt Kosciuszko fully kilted up in his family tartan. He started at Charlottes Pass, crossing the finish line after walking for eight hours with the help of his parents and support crew.

Karen said, “Climbing Mt Kosciuszko was tough – physically and emotionally - but what an amazing experience! It’s been the support of some amazing staff at the Hospital that has been a real Golden Gift as it’s helped Arran realise his dreams.”

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