Our community of unstoppable changemakers are the ambitious instigators of an exciting new revolution in kids’ health. Discover how they are giving, volunteering, supporting and fundraising.  

For more than 32 years, Western Earth Moving have been passionate and loyal supporters, contributing not just game-changing funding, but their staffs time and expertise.

Tell us about yourself and your connection to SCHF? 

Matt: My name is Matt and I work at WEM. We have been a long term partner of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation for more than 20 years. We see it as a very big thing to give back to the community. Personally, as a family for us as well we’ve had a lot of help from the hospital over the years – myself, I was in hospital when I was born quite a lot and I’ve had nieces and nephews in hospital as well. 

Lucy: My name is Lucy, I work at WEM and I’m a People & Culture Advisor. My first interaction with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation was through WEM when we participated in an Easter packing day to help pack gifts for the children. It’s really lovely to see people from all different walks of life coming together for a great cause, to help make a kid feel special and happy. For any family who has a child or loved one in hospital, it is tough and people’s positive words often roll off your back because in the moment it is awful. But, there are groups like this Foundation that are there to support and help and that’s amazing. It’s an awful situation but there are people that are trying to make it that little bit better for you.

What inspired you to get involved?  

Matt: I really wanted to give back and help out. As a kid I was sick so had to spend a bit of time in the hospital. Through this exposure, I’ve also had the great pleasure of being involved and help out on Mother’s Days, Father’s Days as well as many other occasions. A memory that sticks out to me is that I used to dress up as the Hulk and kids would face paint me green because I didn’t have enough green on and they would get very detailed! Going into the hospital and helping out really put things into perspective, like all of my problems weren’t important. You go in there trying to help the kids feel distracted for a little bit, get their mind on something else, giving them colouring in pencils, toys, arts and crafts, making cards for their parents – it really opens your eyes and humbles you a little bit as well.  

Lucy: I’ve seen firsthand the impact that Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation has on families. I’ve had a family member who has been unwell in Westmead recently and through WEM and the Foundation, seeing the impact they have, even in the little things that they do really brightens up a family during what is the hardest parts of their life – no one wants to end up in hospital, let alone having a child end up there. So, it’s really special to see the big and little things the Foundation does. 

Why are you proud to be a part of SCHF’s Movement of Many? 

Matt: WEM is proud to be involved with the hospital and we’ve been fortunate to be welcomed in to help out and volunteer. Some of the feedback we get from our staff is that it really humbles them, opens their eyes to much more important things in the world then playing with dirt – which is what we do! It’s just an eye-opening experience and they take a lot away from it.   

Lucy: Working on this mural project has been really special, especially to see everyone’s involvement and taking time out of their day to contribute and see Ollie’s face when the mural was revealed, it really was a special opportunity to be a part of. It was great to see someone who has been helped by the Foundation and see where he is at now in life. 

Do you have a message to others out there who are thinking of getting involved? 

Matt: My message to people who are considering joining the Movement of Many is – just do it! The kids in the hospital need all the help they can get, the hospital staff need help. You don’t need to go in and be hands on with stuff, even donating what you can really, really does benefit the hospital and I’ve seen it firsthand.  

Lucy: Something I’ve taken away is that it does take a Movement of Many, everyone coming together. You may think it’s something little, that doesn’t have much impact, but it’s that collection of lots of little things that do make that big impact.  

If you’re interested in joining the Movement of Many, even if it’s giving a minute or days of your time it doesn’t matter – it’s the accumulation of everyone’s help that makes the difference.

To find out how you can join our Movement of Many, click here.

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