Meet the Movement of Many, our community of unstoppable changemakers.

The Movement of Many is the name of our community of donors, supporters, friends and partners.

There are 70,000 members in the movement, a number growing every day. They are the thinkers, doers, planners and creators, the helping hands and the guiding lights that make the Foundation what it is.

If you are a donor, have supported us or been involved with the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, you are a member of the Movement of Many.

Join the Movement of Many

Here are all the different ways that you can give or get involved with the Foundation and join the Movement of Many.

Hand/Heart Gesture

The Movement of Many have their own special hand sign. It’s the one you can see being made here in all the photos.

The Hand/Heart sign is inspired by the heart in our logo which is all about giving. It symbolises support for sick kids and is made at events or in photos and videos shared on social media. We use it so that members of the Movement of Many can recognise each other and spread the message of going all in for kids’ health far and wide.

Show you're part of the Movement of Many by doing the hand/heart sign and using the hashtag #AllInForKidsHealth.

Find out how members of the Movement of Many have been raising money for sick kids

“My decision to leave a gift in Will is to ensure that everything possible is done to help sick kids, especially those who rely on Bear Cottage for respite or end-of-life care”

- Ern

“For firefighters, the traditional focus has always been to save people from burning buildings. It is a small and very natural step for the firefighters from Fire and Rescue NSW to extend this focus, not only to prevent burns but, to assist in the treatment and healing of burns patients.”

- Brett Carle Senior Fire Fighter FRNSW

“I love kids! I want to do what I can to help those who are less fortunate or going through a hard time. It’s always been a dream of mine to volunteer with children and help make our community a happier place. Having the opportunity to help kids smile and succeed seems like something I can’t pass up.”

- Lakshmi Vijayakumar

See how your donation is helping sick kids