Our People

The SCHF team is made up of a diverse collective of passionate professionals united by a mission to go all in for kids’ health, no matter where, no matter what.

Our Values

We are courageous

The Foundation recognises that courage is central to our current and future success. We encourage our staff and stakeholders to bring forward their great ideas for our collective ‘wise crowd’ to make them happen with our individual and collective courage.

We are supportive

The Foundation is an organisation that enables staff and volunteers to thrive. We are committed to developing the capabilities of our staff, and to achieving a positive, kind and productive workplace culture.

We are collaborative

The Foundation recognises that every person who engages with and contributes to the Foundation is one of our stakeholders. We collaborate and work in partnership with each of our stakeholders to deliver our shared purpose.

We are accountable

The Foundation is committed to being fully accountable for our decisions and actions. The responsibility to make planned decisions for the full utilisation of our resources and the distribution of donor funds is a significant responsibility.

Our Executive Leadership Team

Kristina Keneally

November 2022

Kristina Keneally

Stephen Taylor

May 2021

Steven Taylor - CFO

Kate Ferguson
GM Engagement

Appointed September 2020

Kate Ferguson - GM Engagement

Colin Allen
GM Philanthropy

Appointed September 2021

Colin Allen - GM Philanthropy

Yvonne Stewart
Director, Product & Impact

January 2015

Photo of Yvonne smiling

Erica Nelson
Director, Leadership Development

March 2020

Erica Nelson - Head of Leadership Development

Mariam Hares
Director, People & Culture

May 2022

Mariam Hares - People & Culture Manager

Our Board

The Foundation has an independent voluntary Board, which ensures Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation is operating legally, ethically, and responsibly. The purpose and activities of the Foundation are defined in our Constitution, which guides the Board’s decisions and underpins our strategic direction.

Len Chersky

Appointed August 2022

Anubha Sahasrabuddhe

Appointed August 2022

Connie Carnabuci

Appointed August 2022

Danny Rezek

Appointed November 2021

Joseph Fayyad

Appointed August 2023

Joseph Fayyad

Elizabeth Crouch AM

Appointed March 2020

Elizabeth Curran

Appointed August 2022

Elizabeth Curran

James Brindley

Appointed April 2016

Dr Matthew O’Meara

Appointed October 2010

Wayne Mo

Appointed February 2019

Joshua Penn

Appointed August 2023

Joshua Penn

Bruce McDiarmid

Appointed October 2023

Bruce MacDiarmid headshot

Our Patron

Her Excellency the Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales.

Her Excellency is the King's representative within New South Wales, our formal head of State. Playing an integral constitutional, ceremonial and community role in NSW, she shares a passion for what SCHF stands for and the work we do for sick kids.

Honourable Margaret Beazley AC KC, Governor of New South Wales

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