Eve's Story

30 Nov 2015

"Eve was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, in her leg. We were referred from Coffs Harbour to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick and we lived between the Hospital and Ronald McDonald House during her treatment. She had four months of intensive chemotherapy and then major surgery to remove the tumour and insert an expandable prosthesis to replace her knee and tibia.

After surgery Eve’s leg was immobilised in bed, then in plaster or a brace and on a plank on the wheelchair. She then had daily physio to start to learn how to walk again. Throughout all this she endured another five months of intense chemo, and a lung surgery, it is amazing how children manage it all.


So many people contributed to Eve’s care and they always used their great skills with such kindness and humour.

Eve returned to full time school in Coffs almost straight after finishing treatment in early 2016. Her central line was removed some months later and she used crutches for another year or so.

It is almost three years from treatment and Eve now walks very well. Eve has check-up scans every three months and her leg is lengthened regularly via a simple non-invasive process.

When I look at Eve now, I see a happy and energetic 12-year-old with lots of exciting things in her future! She enjoys school, keeping busy with all her friends and being part of a local acting group. Our time at SCH was very special - when we return there, it is lovely to see people who made such a difference to Eve’s life. We feel so lucky to have received such amazing medical care and compassion from everyone.” Rebecca Eve's mum.

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