Lani's Story

30 Nov 2020

Baby Steps with Lani Ever since Lani arrived into the world, she’s shown herself to be a fighter at every stage.

Born prematurely at just 24 weeks, she weighed only 694 grams – almost half the weight of a bag of sugar.

Lani’s lungs didn’t have enough time to fully develop and she has chronic lung disease. This means she has difficulties breathing on her own and requires a BiPap ventilator to help keep her little lungs open and oxygen to help her breathe.

Lani has spent most of her life in Hospital and requires constant care. Her mum Emma was told to prepare for the worst, but she has proven she is a strong little girl.

Lani sitting on her bed

She recently celebrated her 1st birthday in Hospital, surrounded by everyone who loves her.

Emma is with Lani every step of the way and wants to make sure their time in Hospital is as normal and fun as it can be - play time is as much of a priority as treatment! With the support of the amazing staff and volunteers at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, Lani is growing into a bubbly happy little baby.

The hope is that as her lungs grow and her breathing improves, she’ll eventually spend more time at home with her brother and sister. Lani continues to make steps in the right direction, she's recently started to sit up on her own and is now able to have breaks off her ventilator!

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