Caleb's Story

09 Feb 2017

We've got some great news about Caleb, whose story we shared a few months ago.

In early September 2015, when Caleb was just nine years old, he was diagnosed with an aggressive, cancerous brain tumour. He had to undergo highly complex surgery and a gruelling course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy that lasted more than seven months.

Recently, Caleb returned to our Hospital (pictured below) for follow-up checks and his MRI showed no signs of the tumour. This means Caleb is officially in remission!

Although there is a still a long journey ahead for the family, they are delighted with the news and Caleb’s progress. Before his treatment Caleb loved the outdoors and taking part in every sport under the sun, especially swimming. Now Caleb is finally able to get back to his favourite things and feeling like a kid again.

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