Winter Art Exhibitions

June - September 2023

Artwork: The Sky is the Limit (2022) Marianne Urth

The Art Program is delighted to present second rotation of exhibitions for 2023 with five new displays filling the corridors of the Hospital from June to September 2023.

Talented artists, and generous families, have contributed to our creative displays – each with a personal perspective which invites the viewer to explore, reflect and celebrate through creative expression.

Many of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale donated to the Foundation. If you would like to purchase one of these incredible pieces, please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 770 122 or email
Artwork: Don't worry, Gerald the gnome will take care of the garden (2022) Dilara Niriella

Hey, Look At That!

Dilara Niriella

Dilara Niriella is a Sydney-based artist whose work features imagery of the everyday. From rubber ducks to garden gnomes, through painting recognisable objects and scenes, Dilara strives to evoke a sense of recognition within the audience whilst also reframing the notion of kitschy art so that it is approachable and enjoyable for a wide range of viewers.

Artwork: Don't worry, Gerald the gnome will take care of the garden (2022) Dilara Niriella
Artwork: The Sky is the Limit (2022) Marianne Urth

Wind In My Sails

Marianne Urth

Fascinated by the ocean, the waves and the wind, Marianne Urth channels this raw natural state into her work. Painting colourful abstract interpretations of the sea with its powerful movements of waves, shifting shapes and shades of blue and green all for the viewer to experience. Bold brush strokes combined with pools and eddies of acrylic paint, frothy white sea spray and lines of black charcoal invites the viewer to discover the elements within each painting.

Artwork: The Sky is the Limit (2022) Marianne Urth

Artwork: Reflections of the outback (2023) Jane Sankey

Breathing in the Land

Jane Sankey

When the world or life feels out of control, we can always seek solace and hope in nature.  Painting these varied and beautiful landscapes was a joyful meditation for Jane which she wishes to share with her audience. 

"When we are exposed to sunlight, trees, water … we become happier, healthier and stronger"

— Julia Baird

Artwork: Reflections of the outback (2023) Jane Sankey
Artwork: Autumn Leaves (2023) Guzaliya Xavier

Kaleidoscope Of Colour 

Guzaliya Xavier

Guzaliya paints highly textured, hypnotizing and meditative optical art abstracts with use of palette knives. From bright colours to muted tones Guzaliya explores power of colour in this exhibition. Studies have shown that colours can stimulate different parts of the brain and have an effect on mood both for adults and children.

Artwork: Autumn Leaves (2023) Guzaliya Xavier

A Little Piece Of Me

Andrew Christie with families from Palliative Care teams  

A collaborative art project between artist Andrew Christie, the Art Program and Palliative Care teams at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and John Hunter Children’s Hospital.   

Featuring photographic pixel portraits, the project provides space for participating families to reflect on their child’s journey, what was important to them and offers them a tangible memory they can keep. Each artwork creatively captures the wonderful lives of the children and adolescents outside of their illness and offers the families, and most importantly, tells their unique story.

The exhibition will be held concurrently with displays at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick, The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, Bear Cottage Manly and John Hunter Children’s Hospital.

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