Leave a legacy that will impact sick kids for generations to come.

Leaving a legacy is a new beginning. It’s the beginning of one act of kindness making a long-lasting and positive impact to countless lives, well into the future.

By leaving a gift to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF), you can help fund groundbreaking research, purchase vital cutting-edge equipment and enable the Foundation to continue its mission to ensure world-class health care for children.

Leaving a gift in your Will, no matter how large or small, is a powerful way to make a positive difference to the health and wellbeing of children far beyond your lifetime.

Making or changing your Will to include a gift to SCHF could be as simple as contacting your legal advisor and they will do all the important work for you.

Alternatively, you could use an online option to write a Will. We’ve partnered with Gathered Here, one of Australia's most trusted online Will writing services. Writing your Will online with Gathered Here is completely free. Follow the easy step-by-step process and in just 10 minutes, you can create your online Will, leaving a legacy that will impact the future of kids’ health. If you'd like to learn more, contact our friendly Planned Giving team.

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To help guide you on how to write a Will and leave a gift to SCHF, we’ve created a free Enquiry Pack full of handy information.

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Learn more about leaving a gift in your Will

Correct wording for gifts in Wills

It is important that your bequest gift is worded correctly, and the following is recommended as a guide. You may give this wording to your solicitor who is preparing your Will.

“I give to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, ABN 72 003 073 185,

  • The residue of my estate (or __% of the residue of my estate) or
  • The whole of my estate (or __% of my estate)
  • The sum of $___
  • Asset or assets

for which the receipt of the Treasurer or other authorised officer shall be an absolute discharge.”

Types of gifts


The remainder of your estate after considering your loved ones and the deduction of expenses.

Percentage gift

A percentage of either the residue or the entire estate such as 25% of estate.


A gift of a specific amount, such as $10,000.


This can be property or shares.

If you’re considering leaving a gift in your Will to Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, we would love to talk to you, discuss some of the options available and hear about the areas of our work you would like to support.

You can also check out our Enquiry Pack to get you started.

Because children's health care is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the community, many donors don’t specify a purpose for their gift, allowing SCHF to use their gift where it is needed most. If you would prefer to direct your gift to a specific hospital or service, we can also help you craft a gift that reflects your wishes.  

To get in touch, please contact our Planned Giving Team, on 1800 770 122, email plannedgiving@schf.org.au, or fill out the form below.

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