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Ghosh Gratitude Gift

By Keryn Ghosh

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Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick provides a safe and friendly healing environment for children from NSW and beyond. The Hospital's expert medical staff care for more than 61,500 critically ill and injured children every year and I’m raising money to support them.
25 yrs ago this hospital helped us bring our first born into the world. With a bone marrow donation from Chris they were able to transplant to Taurin and see him through the recovery process. Without this he would have had a life expectancy of a few months.
For me to reach 50 with a healthy, happy adult family is truly a gift that's impossible to repay but it's always been a wish to contribute back to the people that made this possible.
Thank you for your support!

Thank you to my Supporters


Chris & Keryn

It is with pleasure that we take this special occasion, along with our dear friends and family, to say thank you.


Grant Nunesvaz

Love and Best Wishes.........Ride Safe


Rob & Lisa Van Woudenberg

Happy Birthday Keryn


Steven Chang

Happy 50th Keryn. You know how to celebrate ????


Jason Dunne

Happy 50th Keryn. Hope you get spoilt..


Gary Martin

Best wishes Keryn,remember back then when you Judy had to travel to Sydney


Eileen Jenkins

Happy birthday - sorry i can't be there but love your re gifting idea. Have a great day !


Kim Salter

Happy 50th you gorgeous girl. You still look 25 xxxx


Shai Pinco

Happy Birthday Keryn! Have a wonderful birthday!


Arthur Orsborn

Have a wonderful day!!!


Rahim Ali

Happy birthday Keryn :)


Aladin Halim

Have a great one!



Happy Birthday Keryn!


Sandra Mckenzie

Happy Birthday Keryn! Have a fabulous time and good luck with your goal! Xx?????