nudie helps Team SCHF kickstart their fundraising.

19 April 2023 | Expected time to read: 2 minutes

All in with nudie for kids' health

Team Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation supporters received a wonderful surprise yesterday from nudie, who generously gifted $20 to 500 City2Surf fundraising pages on their ‘Creator of Good’ day! Inspired by our Movement of Many who are conquering Heartbreak Hill for sick kids on 13 August, the company’s act of kindness will help fundraisers make every step count for SCHF. 

Thrilled and moved by the donation, several fundraisers have even paid the gift forward to fellow Team SCHF participants. 

Fundraising lead and City2Surf enthusiast, Jonny Miller says “We know that sometimes the hardest part of fundraising is to ask for those first few donations. That’s why, we’re so grateful to nudie for stepping in and lending a helping hand to so many of our fundraisers.” 

As proud believers that a good tomorrow starts with the choices we make every day, nudie have kindly supported SCHF at City2Surf for several years and continue to go all in for kids’ health. Yesterday’s donations will go directly to the frontline of children’s healthcare – from the hospital wards to the treatment rooms, the research labs to the outreach programs.  

Thank you to nudie for shining a light of kids’ health.  

If you’d like to join nudie and support Team SCHF at this year’s City2Surf, early bird registrations are still open. Sign up today to save $26 and go the distance for sick and injured kids.

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