A message from our CEO

30 Nov 1999

Welcome to 2022! I hope you and your family had a joyful festive season and have begun the New Year with a renewed sense of energy and optimism.  

Here at SCHF, we’re incredibly optimistic about the impact that each of you have made to sick kids and their families. We closed out the year with our annual Light Up Xmas Appeal, seeking to create a brighter Christmas for sick kids and their families. Thanks to the unwavering outpouring of support, we raised $4.3 million, helping to make a difference to sick kids today, and future-proof the health of all children tomorrow. We couldn’t do this without you, and I am so very thankful for your generous support. 

As we celebrate yesterday’s achievements and begin to look forward to tomorrow’s bright future, SCHF is committed to helping all sick kids, no matter where, no matter what.  

Nicola Stokes

We’re here for the newborns and the not-yet-borns, the toddlers and the teenagers. From the kids with common injuries to those with rare conditions, for those who can be cured and those who want a fighting chance. We’re here for him, for her, for them, from inner cities to outer suburbs, regional, rural, and beyond. Because no child should hear the words, “sorry we can’t help you”. 

We celebrate diversity in all forms and want to ensure that all children have the representation and access to the services and facilities they need, regardless of their location, condition, or background. We believe that this focus is pivotal in our fight to future-proof the health of children for generations to come and truly be all in for kids’ health. 

While our focus on inclusion and diversity is widespread, our organisation is also committed to reconciliation actions through the continuous education, celebration and embrace of the rich history of the lands in which we work, live, and socialise, one that dates back thousands of generations, with the hopes to inspire and encourage a respectful and collective future. After all, we are drawn from different groups, backgrounds, and perspectives and what makes us different, makes it work.  

Together, we are all a part of something bigger. A Movement of Many, fighting for the health and wellbeing of all children in this ever-changing world and I thank you for being part of it. I hope that as you read the stories throughout this edition, you are inspired and curious about how when we are united together, we can make a difference to all sick kids, despite their location, condition, or background. 

Nicola Stokes 

Chief Executive Officer 

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

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