Autumn Art Exhibitions

March - May 2024

Arunan's Farm with birds and donkey
The Art Program is proud to launch its 2024 seasonal exhibition series, starting with Season One: Story from March – May 2024. This first series celebrates storytelling, featuring works from contemporary artists, hospital patients, and community friends. Their diverse perspectives offer windows into the myriad ways stories shape our experiences and well-being.

It matters what stories we dream new stories with

– Jessie French, Artist (Naarm, Melbourne)

This sentiment captures the essence of our first season, delving into various storytelling forms, from folklore to personal narratives, highlighting their impact on our cultural, social, and personal lives.

Some of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale donated to the Foundation. If you would like to purchase one of these incredible pieces, please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 770 122 or email
Arunan's Farm with birds and donkey

Arunan's Farm

Artist: Arunan Dharmalingam

‘Arunan’s Farm’ showcases a new collection of brightly coloured digital drawings created by Arunan Dharmalingham - an Artist living with Autism. The artworks are a strong insight into Arunan’s world and celebrate his fondness for nature, animals and agriculture.

Artwork: Arunan's Farm with birds and donkey (2023)

To see the World with you

Journey with Enjoy & DimBao

Artist: Enjoy Su

Enjoy Su, a Sydney-based artist, creates watercolour landscapes with a unique white-dot style, symbolising life's vast potential. Drawing inspiration from nature and travel, her work features uplifting themes and signature characters in a travel series. Available in Sydney and Queensland bookshops and The Rocks Market, Su's work radiates joy and vibrant storytelling.

Artwork: To see the World with you (2023)

Alpaca My Bag - Matilda Moore

Operation Art

Various Artists

Operation Art, a collaboration between The Children's Hospital at Westmead and the NSW Department of Education, showcases student visual arts achievements through exhibitions and workshops at Sydney Olympic Park, NSW Art Gallery, and regional galleries. Fifty artworks from the 2022 exhibition are touring NSW, ultimately gifted to the Children’s Hospital.

Artwork: Alpaca My Bag by Matilda Moore

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A game changing program that finds and validates new fundraising ideas for innovations in paediatric medical research.

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Curing Homesickness

A new initiative that brings children’s hospitals and paediatric services from across Australia together to raise funds and awareness.

Young girl with one arm wearing Jiu-jitsu garb

Then and Now

Then and Now is a collection of images taken by the Foundation’s photographer-in-residence, Jimmy Pozarik, revisiting 25 patients he had photographed to find out where they are now.

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