Earthly Critters

Maya Gertler and Mia Klugman

Winter Art 2022

Mia and Maya are students in their senior year of high school studying art.

Art is a hobby and a passion for both of them. After discussions, they decided to put their work out into the world and exhibit at the Hospital.

Six months ago, they sat down and thought about what they wanted out of this experience and decided it was to bring joy to the Hospital. They also decided to push themselves to try something new by experimenting with fun themes and oil paints – shortly after starting, they were instantly obsessed.

The combination of recognisable animals with whimsical landscapes and surreal circumstances underpins each piece. The preliminary sketches of ideas were quite different to what was finally produced, and they’ve both felt that as the works progressed, they too were on a real artistic journey.

The subject matter of animals was selected because both have a love for them; Maya works in a pet shop, and Mia has three cats and two dogs!

They hope that everyone who sees the works loves them just as much as they do.

For more information and sales, please contact the Art Program via email or call 1800 244 537.

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Simon and Garfunkel the Ducklings

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Omar the Owl

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Frances the Frog

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Trevor the Turtle

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Glenn the Giraffe

Winter Art 2022 - Maya Gertler and Mia Klugman

Gloria the Goldfish

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Cheryl Chameleon

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Russell the Rhino

WInter Art 2022 - Earthly Critters

Dale the Dog

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