Anne Cutajar

December 2021 - February 2022

Summer Art Program 2021

I am inspired by colour and nature, two elements that I explore both in my artwork and my daily life.

Based in the Greater Sydney region, Anne Cutajar is a creative person whose practice spans painting and ceramics. Influenced by her background in graphic design, her love of nature and tendency to daydream, Anne’s colourful and playful work often explores imaginary themes, inviting the viewer to leave reality behind and delve into colourful and whimsical worlds.

Windows to Worlds explores ten imagined worlds painted in gouache. Anne’s work act as a creative portal, transporting the viewer into a dream-like landscape. From impossible scenes of fantasy and charm to moments of familiarity and comfort – each piece is a fun feast for the imagination.

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Summer Art Program 2021

Protector (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

Waterfall with a yellow sky (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

Orange skies, purple rivers (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

These look tasty but I probably wouldn’t eat them (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

A lush and leafy place (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

A bubblegum factory in the clouds (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

Ideal Island (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

Moving house (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

All the trees look purple when you’re this deep in a forest (2021)

Summer Art Program 2021

Floating mountains (2021)

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