Our Rooms

Jenny Zhang

Artwork: Purple Bunny

As a medical student and future doctor, I believe that patient perspectives – individual stories, hopes and dreams – lie at the heart of medicine. In attempting to tell these stories and convey a sense of identity, I am drawn to vivid colours and patterns, and a juxtaposition between bold brushstrokes and meticulous detail.

“Our Rooms” features a series of paintings of the spaces that bring us comfort, informed by conversations with children at the hospital. Favourite colours, rooms and even imagined pets are the inspiration behind details hidden within the paintings. Interviewees were also asked to draw their favourite thing, or a special place, and these feature alongside the paintings. Bright and whimsical, the resulting exhibit is a joyous celebration of the uniqueness behind every life being cared for within the hospital.

For more information and sales, please contact the Art Program via email art@schf.org.au or call 1800 244 537.

Artwork: Bunny

Bunny (2021)

Artwork: Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu (2022)

Artwork: Sleepy Dog

Sleepy Dog (2022)

Artwork: Purple Bunny

Purple Bunny (2022)

Artwork: Tiger and Willie Wagtail

Tiger and Willie Wagtail (2022)

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