Ceren Wynter

Artspace 1, March - May 2022

Animal Ceren Wynter

Hi, I’m Ceren Wynter, I am a multidisciplinary visual artist and health worker living and working in Sydney, Australia. I have been drawing and painting since childhood and this lifelong passion has led me to complete a Fine Arts degree at The Sydney College of Arts (The University of Sydney). I subsequently went onto complete further university studies in my other areas of interest: Psychology, Cultural Studies and Rehabilitation Counselling.

I have extensive experience using various media such as acrylic, oil, watercolour, pencil, ink, charcoal, paper, mixed media collage and sculpture. My personal art styles have been something I’ve been continuously developing and refining.

These days I’m most passionate about black and white semi continuous digital line drawings and full colour digital drawings/paintings. My artworks often revolve around themes of nature, wildlife, human psychology, culture and everyday life.

I have always loved animals, and they have been a major inspiration for a significant portion of my art. I find inspiration in all creatures big or small, domestic or wildlife. My artworks try to capture either a moment in time, an emotion, the beauty, individuality, spirit or the expressions of animals.

For more information and sales, please contact the Art Program via email or call 1800 244 537.

Animal Ceren Wynter

Bunny (2022)

Animal Ceren Wynter

Cub (2021)

Leopard - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Leopard (2021)

Giraffe - Animal Ceren Wynter

Giraffe (2021)

Kookaburra - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Kookaburra (2021)

Friends - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Friends (2021)

Robin - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Robin (2022)

Mama - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Mama (2020)

Sheep - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Sheep (2022)

Lizard - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Lizard (2020)

Monkey - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Monkey (2021)

Penguins - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Penguin (2021)

Raccoon - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Raccoon (2021)

Roller - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Roller (2020)

Squirrel - Animal - Ceren Wynter

Squirrel (2021)

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