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30 Nov 1999

Workplace Giving, also known as payroll giving, is a joint relationship between employers, employees and charities. Individuals contribute a nominated portion of their pre-tax salary to their chosen charity and receive the tax benefit straight away, rather than waiting until the end of financial year.   

Workplace Giving (WPG) is the most effective way for working Australians to support a cause close to their heart. It’s a win-win-win for business, employees and charities.  

For firefighters, the traditional focus has always been to save people from burning buildings. It is a small and very natural step for the firefighters from Fire and Rescue NSW to extend this focus, not only to prevent burns but, to assist in the treatment and healing of burns patients. 

The Burns Unit at The Children's Hospital at Westmead is not just the official charity of Fire and Rescue NSW, it is also our official No. 2 Fire Station. Under the Workplace Giving program instituted in 1986 by the then NSW Fire Brigades, firefighters have donated an extraordinary amount. The Fire and Rescue NSW Burns Unit Fund currently has just under 3,000 members donating $4,000 per fortnight direct to the Burns Unit. 

I am both proud and humbled to be involved in both of these initiatives where the selfless nature of firefighters does more than just rescue and save people but contributes to the wellbeing and recovery in a meaningful way. One of the greatest contributions one can make in their life is contributing to the wellbeing and safety of others. To see firefighters going above and beyond goes some way to showing the character of those whom I serve with. - Brett Carle, Treasurer, NSW Fire and Rescue NSW 

Workplace giving

Contributing a small amount of money each fortnight can make individuals feel like their donation is too small to make a difference. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. More employees = a bigger impact!   

If 10 colleagues from one organisation give just $5 each pay (equivalent to purchasing one coffee a fortnight), that adds up to a phenomenal $1,300 each year!   

Regularly donating as part of a team creates a sense of unity among colleagues and inspires a collective sense of ‘giving back’ for a shared cause.To give is to engage.   

With help from our incredibly generous donors and supporters, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation funds state-of-the-art equipment, the best and brightest clinicians and practitioners and cutting-edge research and clinical trials.We also know that delivering extraordinary healthcare extends beyond the medical. It means doing everything we can to give sick kids a positive experience. It’s about finding ways to make life easier for families, creating a total healing environment and bringing smiles to their faces in the most difficult times.   

Collectively, your workplace giving commitment is one donation helping all sick kids.  

Ready to get started? There are two different ways you can donate:  

1.Through your company payroll, each pay cycle  

Ask your employees to opt-in using a registration form. Once deductions commence, transfer the funds via EFT and send us an employee deduction breakdown from your payroll system.  

2. Through a Workplace Giving online platform 

Register with one of our platform partners and your employees will enjoy a self-service experience, with dollar matching options available. Visit: https://good2give.ngo/ or https://www.givar.com/marketplace 

To go all in for kids’ health, contact us today:  

Phoebe Cunningham - Corporate Partnerships Manager  



To find out more about Workplace Giving please visit: https://workplacegivingaustralia.org.au/ or https://www.ato.gov.au/Business/PAYG-withholding/In-detail/Workplace-giving-programs/ 

Workplace giving

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