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25 January 2024 | Expected time to read: 2 minutes

Kristina Keneally and a corporate sponsor holding bakery goods in front of a WSFM car

We are delighted to acknowledge the generous contributions of our media partners who have supported us this year, particularly through our Sydney Sick Kids Appeal in June and our Christmas Appeal.

Torchmedia logo

Torch Media   

During the festive season, our wonderful partners Torch Media illuminated the spirit of giving. Torch Media's remarkable donation, valued at $180,000, encompassed both print and digital ad placements across the Norwest and Sydney Light Rail network, greatly enhancing the visibility of SCHF’s Christmas Appeal. This incredible support not only brightened the cityscape but also brought hope and joy to the children and families in our Hospitals during this special time of the year. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Torch Media for their dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of young patients, reminding us all that the true magic of the season is found in acts of kindness and generosity. 

7 News Sydney


7NEWS Sydney has been a dedicated supporter of SCHF for a number of years. In 2021, when SCHF launched the Sydney Sick Kids Appeal, 7NEWS enthusiastically stepped in as the appeal’s media partner. Over the past three years, 7NEWS has consistently backed the Sydney Sick Kids Appeal, offering extensive media coverage and assistance to illuminate the profound impact of each donated dollar. 7NEWS serves as a distinctive platform for SCHF, facilitating the sharing of poignant patient stories to enhance fundraising efforts and raise awareness for the well-being of all sick children.  

arn - defining audio


Australian Radio Network (ARN) stands as one of the most highly regarded broadcast and on-demand audio companies in Australia. ARN has consistently demonstrated steadfast support for SCHF, offering valuable in-kind media assistance and generous gift –in-kind support across numerous events and fundraising initiatives. In 2023, ARN notably championed SCHF's two major appeals—the Sydney Sick Kids Appeal and the Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation Christmas Appeal. Their support helped us collectively raise over $25 million to help support sick and injured children. Our deepest appreciation to ARN for their unwavering support, enduring commitment and for going all in for kids’ health, always.



Carat stands out as one of the most forward-thinking media agency networks globally, and SCHF takes immense pride in having Carat as a significant contributor to our media support initiatives. Throughout 2023, SCHF engaged Carat's support on many special projects, including the brand campaign and our two major appeals. Carat's support played a pivotal role in enabling SCHF to reach wider audiences, elevating awareness for both the organisation itself and our major appeals in the market. SCHF values Carat's commitment as a crucial component in our efforts to connect with diverse communities and amplify our mission.  

ooh! unmissable

oOh! Media  

oOh! Media have been a supporter of Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation since 2014. As Australia’s leading out of home company, they have supported SCHF to elevate and maximise our campaigns by offering gift-in-kind media placement for nearly ten years. This has totalled over $1.1 million of support, which, in turn, has helped SCHF raise millions of dollars to support sick and injured children across NSW, as well as sharing the stories of the brave and inspiring patients across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.  

At every point in our partnership, oOh! Media have been on hand to support SCHF with expert knowledge on which placements will best suit our campaigns and how best to maximise our material. We are so grateful for the support of oOh! Media and we look forward to the next ten years of our partnership.

Moove Media Australia

Moove Media Australia  

Moove Media Australia has been a steadfast supporter of SCHF since 2017, extending valuable in-kind media assistance for various fundraising events and activities. In the most recent collaboration in 2023, Moove Media Australia generously provided media support on buses throughout Sydney for both major appeals of SCHF. This support significantly enhanced SCHF's outreach, enabling us as an organisation to connect with broader audiences and elevate awareness for the organisation and our major appeals. The consistent backing from Moove Media Australia plays a pivotal role in strengthening SCHF's ability to engage communities and garner support.  

QMS logo

QMS Media

QMS Media have supported SCHF since 2020 with both gift-in-kind media placements and through packages that we have been able to auction at gala events, which has been very well received by our corporate partners. QMS Media have also supported SCHF through corporate volunteering.

Thank you to all our media partners for their generosity and being all in for kids' health.

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