The power of creativity

04 Nov 2021

Helping through artistic expression

As COVID-19 continues to profoundly impact our healthcare system, the number of children presenting to the hospitals hasn’t changed. Kids are still getting sick. Emergency departments are still open, oncology wards are still administering therapies, and families are still relying on our healthcare systems. The requests for activities to keep the kids occupied are coming in rapidly, and our call didn’t go unanswered.

In August, SCHF combined forces with BIC Kids and launched a partnership which has landed a monthly supply of over 2500 packs of pencils, crayons, felt tip pens, and art activity packs delivered to sick kids in our hospitals. This impact has been immeasurable and has reached over 26 departments across the network and has provided the children cared for in our hospitals much-need distraction and respite.

In addition to this, BIC Kids has committed to supporting our Arts Program by providing and annual supply of materials. This donation has enabled the team to design innovative art workshops and provide patients with tools they need to stay optimistic and engaged so that their stay in hospital is as positive as possible.

Now more than ever, art has an incredible role to play in improving mental health through creativity. It is used to promote a healthy emotional state and enhance self-esteem and self-awareness. Making art helps children express themselves without having to use words.

We’d like to thank BIC Kids for investing in this significant child health initiative and helping us create meaningful opportunities for artistic expression, ensuring that illness, injury, trauma, physical and mental disabilities are not barriers to creative opportunities.

Thank you for your passion and commitment and your desire to make a difference.

To find out how your organisation can go all in with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, email or visit here

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