Help give all sick kids the childhood they deserve this Sydney Sick Kids Appeal

30 Nov 1999

On Monday 23 May 2022, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) will launch its annual Sydney Sick Kids Appeal to raise $6 million in six weeks for our State’s world-leading children’s hospitals and paediatric services, culminating on Sydney Sick Kids Day on Thursday 23 June. 

For some kids, childhood is far from what it should be. Instead of playdates there are appointments, instead of sleepovers there are stays and instead of firsts there can be lasts. Childhood is spent being rushed between hospital wards and outreach centres, undertaking tests and scans and missing the important milestones that every child deserves.   

This tax time, SCHF is inviting the community to be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary by supporting more than 170,000 sick kids a year who walk through the hospitals’ doors by June 30. Kids just like Kurt. 

Diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at four years old, Kurt is just one of thousands of sick kids whose childhood is put on hold to fight life-threatening illnesses and diseases.  

“Nothing prepares you for the words ‘your son has cancer’. Your world is turned upside down in that single moment. I think one of the hardest parts of receiving a diagnosis like this is watching your child not being able to do the things he knows and loves. Not being able to attend school, go to the park with his friends and brothers – just not experiencing a regular childhood,” explained Elisa, Kurt’s mum. 

Partnering with 7News, our annual tax time appeal will culminate with Sydney Sick Kids Day on Thursday 23 June where individuals, clubs, train stations, local businesses, schools, corporate partners and the media can rally behind sick kids, helping to get them back to what they do best – being a kid. 

“Whether they’re a toddler or a teenager, fighting a common injury or a rare disease, whether they’re from inner suburbs, outer cities, regional, rural or beyond, all sick kids are courageous and brave – they are extraordinary. They, along with their families, long for that one ordinary day that many of us may take for granted. By supporting the Sydney Sick Kids Appeal, you can help give sick kids and their families many more good days. You can go all in for kids’ health, helping all sick kids, no matter where, no matter what.” 

SCHF relies on the community’s support with as little as $49 giving one patient a child life therapy session, helping prepare or distract them from any pain or worry they may experience from treatment. With one foot at the front line and one in the future of kids’ health, SCHF’s donors help achieve both immediate effects and long-term impacts. 

By supporting SCHF this tax time you can make one donation that helps all sick kids.  Donate today.

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