Achieving and exceeding National Volunteering Standards

14 Jul 2022

Achieving and exceeding National Volunteering Standards  

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) Volunteer Program has not only achieved but exceeded National Volunteering Standards receiving 100% in Volunteering Australia’s National Standards for Volunteer Involvement.

This tremendous result shows that SCHF Volunteer Program has incorporated volunteers into the organisation’s strategic development, aligning with SCHF’s mission, vision, and values, going all in for kids’ health. It confirms that the organisation’s leadership, culture, and structure supports and values the role of volunteers. It signifies that SCHF upholds the highest standards in volunteering, providing a safe, supportive, and rewarding environment for all volunteers.

Over the last three years, Volunteer & Supporter Engagement Lead, Kylie Elliot has dedicated herself to the program in order to create a culture that we are extremely proud of. This incredible leadership and devotion has grown the program from strength to strength and led to this incredible result for SCHF.

Our incredible team of volunteers are an essential part of our Movement of Many, and we couldn’t be prouder to provide them with the flexible, engaging and rewarding volunteer program they deserve.

Whether it’s through helping at a variety of different fundraising events and appeals to contributing in the office, virtually or behind the scenes, our incredible team of over 1,300 volunteers (and counting) make an immense impact on the lives of sick kids.

Giving over 7,500 hours in the last year alone, they have helped support the newborns and the not-yet-borns, the toddlers and the teenagers. From the kids with common injuries to those with rare conditions. Those who can be cured and those who want a fighting chance. Together, we have been there for the kids that stay a short time or a long time, making an impact that lasts a lifetime.

As our volunteer program continues to grow, we can’t wait to see what our community of unstoppable changemakers can achieve for all sick kids in the years to come.

To find out more about volunteering for SCHF and how you can get involved, visit 

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