Double your impact this City2Surf

27 Jul 2022

Donate to Team SCHF in this year’s City2Surf and double the difference you make to sick kids like Alen.

City2Surf is back! In 2022, Team Kids and Team Bandaged Bear have joined forces to take part under one new united banner ‘Team SCHF’. Together, we’re aiming to raise $400,000 to help give sick kids the running start they deserve. 

That’s why we’re asking our friends and supporters to donate to Team SCHF and make every step in this year’s City2Surf count for sick kids. And there’s no better time to do it than right now! 

For 56 hours only, our wonderful friends at Labourpower will match any donation you make between Wednesday 27 July and Friday 29 July up to a total value of $20,000. That means every donation you give in that period will make double the difference to sick and injured children like Alen.

Alen smiling

Alen was on a family holiday in Newcastle when he was hit by a bus while crossing the road. His parents, who are both nurses, quickly realised their son had suffered severe and life-threatening injuries. 

Alen’s dad made a tourniquet using a t-shirt to stem the bleeding which quite possibly saved his little boy’s life. His mother, Noby feared he may never walk again.

Alen holding a flower

“I asked the ambulance officer if they would be able to save his legs,” Noby says.  

Alen was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the local hospital where he stayed overnight to have his wounds cleaned and his veins and arteries repaired. He was then air-lifted to Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick (SCH) by helicopter. 

Alen needed multiple plastic surgeries to repair the damage to his legs. These surgeries were scary procedures for Alen’s family, but the team at SCH went out of their way to put them at ease. 

Alen’s surgeon visited the family every day to keep them updated and reassured.  The Child Life Therapy team were also by Alen’s side to divert his attention and help him feel as comfortable as possible. One ICU Nurse named Sara even went out of her way to visit Alen at Christmas time dressed as a reindeer.

Alen in hospital wearing sunglasses
Alen in a wheelchair

After spending two-months at SCH, Alen was able to return home to his family, thankful to be back on his feet and walking again. While Alen still requires regular appointments with a multi-disciplinary team of doctors, occupational and physiotherapists at the Hospital, he is loving being able to run around with his brothers again.

By supporting Team SCHF in this year’s City2Surf, you can help make sure sick and injured kids like Alen continue to get the life-saving treatment and care they need.

Please donate today.

All in with Labourpower for kids' health

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