Celebrating Nurses

02 May 2022

In FY21, thanks to the generous contributions of our Movement of Many, SCHF was able to fund a variety of nursing positions across Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN).

  • 23 specialist nursing positions (including part & full time), 3 of which are research positions and 20 clinical nursing positions.

  • $1,990,537.00 was donated to SCHN to support key nursing positions across 6 areas:
    • Oncology (SCH & CHW)
    • Emergency
    • Allergy & immunology
    • Research
    • Bear Cottage

Nurses are at the heart of the hospitals. At SCHN, nurses provide care every day to countless children and their families to ensure that all children can lead healthy lives.

At SCHF, we are so proud to facilitate your donations that support the critical care that nurses provide. Nurses like Kristy, who has worked as a nurse since 2016. She started out in the Paediatric Care Unit (PICU) and currently works as a Retrieval Nurse at the Newborn and paediatric Emergency Transport Service (NETS). When a sick baby or child requires intensive care treatment that can't be provided at their local hospital, Kristy, along with a doctor and emergency vehicle operator will retrieve the patient either by road or air using specially equipped ambulances and helicopters.

“We have all the equipment we need to stabilise and transfer babies and children to somewhere they can have the ongoing care that they need,” says Kristy.

Kristy describes her job with NETS as unpredictable and exciting, every day is different. One of the positives of her job is meeting families and hospital staff from all over the state.

“I have met so many incredible people. When previously working in PICU, I was able to really make connections with patients and families and seeing the children improve and be discharged from ICU was an incredibly satisfying experience. Working at NETS, it’s such a privilege to meet people on potentially the worst day of their lives and really feel like you’re making a difference by helping them.”

This May, International Nurses Day will be commemorated around the world. The day celebrates the bravery and devotion that nurses display in their work.

It’s with thanks to the support of our Movement of Many that nurses like Kristy can continue to provide the best care and treatment to sick kids across NSW.

“We rely on having they very best equipment and resources, and that relies on donations. By donating, you will help us give babies and children the best care possible to help them recover and get back home to their families,” added Kristy.

Thank you to all the wonderful nurses for their ongoing commitment and contribution to paediatric health.

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