Summer Art Exhibitions

December 2023 - February 2024

Artwork: Fruit Loops by Josephine Andrews
The Art Program is delighted to present the final rotation of exhibitions for 2023 with five new displays filling the corridors of the Hospital from December 2023 - February 2024.

Brilliant artists, generous families and in-hospital friends and partners have contributed to our exhibition program – each with unique perspectives which invites the viewer to explore, reflect and celebrate through diverse artistic encounters.

Some of the artworks on display are available to purchase, with a portion of each sale donated to the Foundation. If you would like to purchase one of these incredible pieces, please contact the Art Program by phone 1800 770 122 or email
Artwork: Fruit Loops (2022)


Artist: Josephine Andrews

ExtraOrdinary is a collection of paintings depicting subjects found in everyday life. For Josephine Andrews, painting is a mindful practice that allows her to see the familiar afresh and provides a reprieve from the pressures that come with caring for a child with a rare condition and its associated issues.

Artwork: Froot Loops (2022)

Artwork: Look Mickey, I’ve Hooked a Big One!

Re-Framed Livewire

Artist: Livewire

As part of Re-Framed, Livewire asked young people to create new worlds with hidden stories and unexpected characters. Taking old paintings and reimagining them with a vibrant twist using kooky collage, young artists worked together on multiple artworks with a collaborative spirit. 

Artwork: Look Mickey, I’ve Hooked a Big One!

Tom, age 8 WINNER

National Children's Week

SCHF Art Program

Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation Art Program engaged with children in hospital for National Children's Week. Artist Educators and SCHF Volunteers engaged with patients, siblings and visitors across both Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick, and The Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Artwork: Rorie, age 15

Artwork: Armali (Tamborine work in progress), 2023

Listen with your Eyes #2

An Art Program (SCHF) and Music Therapy (SCHN) collaboration

The Art Program has teamed up with the Hospital’s Music Therapy team to create “Listen with Your Eyes #2”, an exhibition of tambourines that have been playfully adorned with paint and designs by patients and their siblings!

Artwork: Armali, (tamborine work in progress), 2023

Artwork: A cat's gaze

Photo Finish 2023

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

Photo Finish, a digital photography competition, is open to all patients, volunteers and visitors, as well as Network and Sydney Children's Hospitals Foundation staff, and people who live, work or study near The Children’s Hospital at Westmead or Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick.

Artwork: A cat's gaze by Aoife

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A game changing program that finds and validates new fundraising ideas for innovations in paediatric medical research.

Young girl in pajamas standing next to a piece of hospital equipment in a ward

Curing Homesickness

A new initiative that brings children’s hospitals and paediatric services from across Australia together to raise funds and awareness.

Young girl with one arm wearing Jiu-jitsu garb

Then and Now

Then and Now is a collection of images taken by the Foundation’s photographer-in-residence, Jimmy Pozarik, revisiting 25 patients he had photographed to find out where they are now.

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