Hybrid Ground

Pat Younis in collaboration with patients at Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick

Curated by Sarah Rose
September - December 2021

Hybrid Ground is an exploration of fantasy and futuristic worlds through a relationship of digital 3D renders and the lens of Augmented Reality (AR). The exhibition is deep-rooted in the intention of play; attempting to find ways in which engaging art can exist as both an extension of the image it portrays and a challenge to the traditional means of consuming image-based art.

With the help of young patients, I have developed digital worlds that are inspired by physical space but feature impossible structures and landscapes. Hybrid Ground marks the next step in my journey with new and blossoming mediums, exploring uncharted territory with technology in the hope of being a part of being a positive change in how we engage with the ever-expanding digital space. When entering a new realm of possibility, it’s important that we play and experiment with the limitations in order to challenge the standards we know, and to find the means for healthier interaction.

As technology rapidly expands to become more immersive and engaging, it can be difficult to feel a sense of hopefulness for a world that still welcomes a connection with physical space and protects it in the process. The future of technology as an operational part of our daily lives is destined to become more accommodating for the primal urges we face to be outside, engaging with physicality and within nature, moving away from the boundaries of a screen with the eventual adoption of Augmented Reality. For now, this technology exists mostly as an accessory to our social media in the form of Filters, most commonly used to warp our appearance or allow us to play through a camera.

As we exhaust our tolerance for monitors and rectangular displays, wearable AR technology is quickly growing in appeal for a future that will cradle a way of interacting with both our digital world and each other within physical space.

The idea that technology becomes an accessory of the physical can be an achievable and realistic future; if nurtured properly, it can offer a healthy new norm of engaging with each other digitally to turn our parallel worlds of virtual and physical into a mixed, or hybrid reality.

Instagram - pat.younis

Website -www.patyounis.com

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