Imagining Home

Camille Green

Artwork: Her Imagination

I am an Inner Western Sydney based illustrator and abstract artist, drawing inspiration from the female form and local regional landscapes.

Drawn to homes, figures and places of sentiment, a natural response to my own recent tensions were landscapes that brought a feeling of stillness and a slower pace.

Fascinated by feminine and delicate forms from a young age (the fashion illustrations were endless!), these influences have been reflected through a soft colour palette, gentle brush strokes and soothing textures.

This exhibition is inspired by wide open spaces once travelled and has been freely interpreted through whimsical, textured abstract paintings. Both large and small, they seek to connect you to a memory of somewhere you may long for.

I have created this exhibition to inspire thoughts of home with each piece capturing the serenity, slow breath and peace that can be evoked through our own imagination.



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