A child in hospital is a childhood on hold

Childhood is a precious time that should be filled with laughter, play and joyful memories. Unfortunately, for thousands of children in Sydney Children's Hospitals Network (SCHN), illness has put their childhood on hold.

That's why we need your help. With your support, SCHN can provide life-changing and life-saving care to these brave children. Your donation will help deliver world-class care, giving sick kids the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood.

Together, we can make an incredible difference. Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide the resources and support necessary to give sick kids the childhood they deserve. Don't wait - donate today and join us in our mission to give sick children the chance to be kids.

How you can get involved in Sydney Sick Kids Appeal

Meet the kids with a brighter childhood ahead

Each year, thousands of children have their childhood placed on hold because of serious illness or injury. But a gift from you today can help them get back to the childhood they deserve.

Meet Wemi

Your investment in groundbreaking research and treatments can help more kids like Wemi get back to their childhood.

Meet Artaban

Artaban received high-quality paediatric emergency care during his most crucial moments. It's your donations that helped give him a second chance at life.

Meet Tommy

A gift today can help harness novel therapies to deliver care to kids like Tommy with rare and neurodegenerative diseases.

Meet Ella

Your donation can help give more kids like Ella with rare and complex diseases a fighting chance.

Meet Anna

Your donations can help kids with special needs like Anna access routine healthcare, no matter their circumstances or conditions.

Making an impact at the frontline and the future of children’s health care.

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Funding paediatric health services provided by Sydney Children's Hospitals Network which help over 170,000 kids each year.

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Raising millions each year for NSW hospitals, services and research.

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Championing kids’ health
throughout Australia.

Are you ready to be part of something bigger?

Everyone who supports SCHF becomes part of the Movement of Many - our community of over 70,000 individual donors, volunteers and supporters fighting for the health and wellbeing of all kids in an ever-changing world.