Melting Pop

Michael Ilievski

WInter Art 2022 Melting Pop!

Michael Ilievski is an Australian artist residing on the South Coast of NSW.

A pop artist, digital illustrator and graphic designer, Michael’s love of 80s and 90s pop culture has driven his passion for art. A sucker for clean lines, his unique art style is bright, vivid, and is heavily inspired by his childhood love of comics and cartoons.

For his Melting Pop exhibition, Michael takes elements of his favourite cartoons and ‘melts’ them together. The worlds of Inspector Gadget, Sesame Street, Adventure Time, Spiderman, Pokémon and more are vibrantly combined in a flash of colour and character.

The end results are uniform artworks with no start or finish that encourages the viewer’s imagination to run wild.

Instagram: @mi.ideas

For more information and sales, please contact the Art Program via email or call 1800 244 537.

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