One foot at the front line, one foot in the future

Our Vision

Thanks to our community of donors, supporters, friends and partners, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation has seen incredible growth. Over the last three years alone, we have raised over $170m. By working closely with the Network, we have been able to ensure funds raised go directly to both the frontline and the future of children’s health.

As SCHF approaches its 40th anniversary in 2026, we are proud to continue the legacy of philanthropic work that has supported children across hospital sites in Randwick, Glebe, Camperdown, and Westmead since 1858. As we prepare to mark this significant milestone, we are excited to take things to the next level in pursuit of our mission of going all in for kids’ health.

Over the years, SCHF’s future-oriented approach has been a driving force behind our success.

As we continue to look forward into the complex and constantly evolving world of children's health in the years and decades to come, our aim is to gain a more comprehensive understanding of what lies ahead. This will show us where the incredible power of philanthropy is best placed to provide vital funding, resources and expertise before it's too late.

By harnessing the power of philanthropy, we will bring world-class care to the frontline and the future of kids' health.

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