Scape and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation

19 April 2023 | Expected time to read: 2 minutes

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Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation (SCHF) is proud to announce the newest partner in the Movement of Many – Scape, Australia’s largest owner and operator of purpose-built student accommodation. 

Scape has come on board as Presenting Partner of SCHF’s 2023 Gold Dinner Series, in one of the largest private enterprise partnerships ever secured by SCHF. Scape’s 2023 partnership with SCHF spans more than just one event - comprising support for a range of community fundraising events, key appeals and galas, including the iconic Gold Dinner, to be held in May 2023. Scape's contributions will assist SCHF in helping all sick kids, no matter where, no matter what. 

Scape reimagines what student accommodation can look like. As part of their ethos, they understand the importance of offering the highest quality service when people are going through stressful times. Scape cares – and in more than just words. With a reputation of being a disrupter in the student accommodation field, Scape ensures that everything they do is meaningful for their students and staff. 

This is why their partnership is an amazing fit with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. 

Colin Allen, General Manager Philanthropy, SCHF, says, "We are excited to have Scape join our Movement of Many. Scape is known for creating a true sense of community where there isn’t one. Their student accommodations bring everyone together in a shared space offering the best services for students to have a positive experience. It is serendipitous that they would join us at this time of SCHF fundraising for the Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick, and the Children’s Hospital at Westmead redevelopments. In both locations, our funds are being used to help create a similar sense of community and to elevate the services for sick and injured kids to be the best they can be, because that is what patients and families deserve.”

Founded by Craig Carracher and Stephen Gaitanos, Scape Australia is home to over 16,000 young residents and growing, having invested over $6billion in Australia’s Higher Education Sector their focus now turns to the local environment and community with a solid commitment to ensure Australia continues to be a place where young people are safe, sheltered and can thrive. 

CEO of Scape, Anouk Darling, says, “Scape Australia is dedicated to sheltering and shaping the minds of tomorrow, and we can’t think of a better way to demonstrate this than with this new partnership with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation. We are proud to come on board as Presenting Partner of the 2023 Gold Dinner Series and to raise the benchmark for private enterprise partnerships for the Hospital however, this goes beyond a financial partnership, we will support the foundation throughout the year also providing our students with the opportunity to develop a philanthropic mindset through volunteering and fundraising.”

For more information visit Scape's website:

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