Grand Prix for Bandaged Bear 2022

04 Nov 2021

February 2022 will see Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation host the inaugural Grand Prix for Bandaged Bear at Luddenham Raceway hosted by our partners at Western Earth Moving.

Our goal is to raise awareness and much needed funds to assist sick kids and their families treated at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead through Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.

Within the space of three decades, Western Sydney has emerged as a major driver of Australia’s economic growth. Our event caters for this expanding corridor, specifically targeting workers, uniting organisations, and sole traders, and coming together for one common goal – to raise money for the largest paediatric centre in NSW - The Children’s Hospital at Westmead.

Our event will connect donors and companies (primarily) in the building industry in an environment which promotes teamwork and cohesion. This event is also an amazing opportunity for local eateries and business involvement - we will focus on a new segment of donors and partners for The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, which is key to expanding our reach and appeal within our community.

A racing event across Western Sydney with formal (and some very informal) fundraising activities to support a great cause.

So, it’s time to test your competitive side, catch up with mates and colleagues in a fun afternoon for a great cause, all while enjoying one of the most premium go-karting experiences around.

At the Grand Prix for Bandaged Bear, we aim to raise substantial funds through live auctions, raffle tickets and lucky envelopes – we need your support!

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