Getting kids home from hospital sooner

21 July 2023 | Expected time to read: 2 minutes

As we enter a new financial year, I am so excited to see the difference we can make to the lives of sick kids and their families. I know that by working together, we can achieve even more breakthroughs and milestones, turning points and world firsts.  
Later in this edition you’ll read about our brand campaign, which showcases the way our Movement of Many is supporting the health and wellbeing for all sick kids in this ever-changing world. Whether it’s supporting world-class clinical excellence, the best possible patient experience and unlocking the discoveries of tomorrow through cutting-edge research – together, we are achieving something special. 
For many children and young people, being away from home is one of the hardest parts of their healthcare journey. And while kids are missing home, home is missing them too. That’s why this quarter, we’re focusing on getting kids home from hospital sooner.  
Together, we can advocate for new and innovative services that change the way kids are cared for outside of the hospital environment and ensure they can access the best healthcare from the comfort and security of their home, or at least closer to it. Thanks to you, we’ve ensured our researchers and clinicians can continue pushing research boundaries to solve the unsolvable and get kids back to where they belong.  
But sometimes, sick kids unfortunately have to spend time away from home – whether that is hours, days, weeks or even months. Creating spaces and programs that promote health and wellbeing and focus on family togetherness is at the heart of our efforts to support the incredible work happening across Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network. Even if tests and scans replace field trips or playing with the family, every sick child deserves to be a kid first and a patient second.  
Thank you for going all in for all kids and helping support a child to get from hospital to home. 
Kristina Keneally 
Chief Executive Office 
Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation 

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