A 3,000 km road trip with a purpose

30 Nov 1999

Driving a 60-year old car almost 3,000 km across some of the most unforgiving terrain in the country may not sound like many people’s idea of an ideal road trip, but for vintage car expert Ron Goodman, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime driving holiday with a purpose.

The journey will see Ron drive his beloved hand-built 1964 Porsche 356 from Porsche Paramatta to Uluru to raise funds for the Aboriginal Health Unit at Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network.

Ron's 1964 Porche 365

A life-long car fanatic and legend in the world of vintage car racing, Ron owns Exclusive Body Werks in Western Sydney, where he works on some of the country’s most prestigious vehicles including his favourite, the Porsche 356.

This vehicle, hand painted with Aboriginal artwork by world-renowned Indigenous artist Danny Eastwood, will set off from Western Sydney in late September, before heading inland, where it is sure to attract plenty of attention on the roads. QR codes on the outside of the vehicle will enable people to scan and donate to SCHF along the way.

Close up of Ron's Porche

Ron explained his inspiration for his journey - “The building of the car and having it hand painted was inspired by the Janice Joplin Porsche of the 60s, but I put the Australian spin on it.

“Because I wanted Uluru painted on the car I had to take it for a drive to there. And I thought what a better way to help raise funds for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation.”

While Ron’s in his Porsche, a film crew from 7Mate will film Ron’s journey for a documentary to air later this year. Despite having company, the journey is no mean feat for any driver, let alone one in his sixties.

“I would love to say there shouldn’t be any challenges but the fact is taking a near 60-year-old-car and over 60-year-old driver to some of Australia’s most rugged and unforgiving countryside will present its challenges,” says Ron.

“My main goal is to have a lot of fun and to raise funds for SCHF, and it would be a bonus if we were to make it all the way trouble free!”

Watch out for Ron’s customised Porsche as it makes its way from Parramatta to Uluru later on this year. You can track his preparation and journey by following his Instagram, @speed0023, or catching the documentary after it airs on 7Mate later this year. If you would like to donate, visit Porsche Parramatta to Uluru.

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