SCHF is one of the largest and most trusted kids’ health charities in the country. Although we’ve been at the forefront of our sector for many decades, we believe our best is yet to come.

As we embark on an exciting new era of our story, we’re calling for others to join SCHF’s Movement of Many - our team of unstoppable changemakers on a mission to provide for all sick kids, no matter where no matter what.

Work with us

We’re seeking those that think big, aim high and embrace what’s next.

Thinkers and doers from all walks of life with different outlooks, ideas, opinions and beliefs, ready to give it their all, push things forward and help bring about a groundbreaking revolution in kids’ health.

In return, we’ll provide you with a job where your voice really matters, a place with industry-leading infrastructure, tools and resources, home to the best and brightest talent. This is somewhere you’ll experience agency and impact, where you can play your part and make your mark, bringing about actual change with real meaning.

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What we offer


Impact like no other

If you’re seeking a fuller, richer, more meaningful job with a strong sense of purpose and the chance to create change at scale, then stop your search - our X might be your spot. At SCHF, you’ll be working for a truly amazing cause.

Take it

Take it, own it, make it

At SCHF, everyone takes on a lead role in their own story, with the freedom and autonomy to feel, think and act for themselves. Breaking away from traditional work hierarchies and handing our people the power to pilot their own direction. We’re here to help ensure you’re empowered and best equipped to go all in for kids’ health.


A career path you create

When it comes to their career, everyone at SCHF is encouraged and empowered to pursue their own path. As part of our commitment to excellence, whatever the route you chose to take, you’ll be fully backed to make it happen.

Flex it

Flex it how you want it

At SCHF, we’re all about that flex. With three Sydney locations to choose from, and remote working options, we trust our people to perform their roles in non-traditional structures.


A team to treasure

No matter who you are, or what you do, regardless of your background or your beliefs, being part of SCHF means being surrounded by a team of top-class talent in a fun, caring and supportive environment, that you’ll genuinely love being part of.


All voices are heard

At SCHF, we’ve worked hard to create a culture of open communication and collaboration. With our eyes always on what’s next, we create new ways of thinking and doing, taking on things in ways that others aren’t to stay at the forefront of our space.

Working at SCHF

Jonathan, Relationship Manager
Anne, Head of Planned Giving
Jeena, Corporate Engagement Manager
Kellie, Campaigns Officer

Current vacancies

Ready to become a unstoppable changemaker? Take a look through the current vacancies at SCHF.

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Join our team of unstoppable changemakers

Are you ready to become an unstoppable changemaker in an exciting new era of the SCHF story?

With the green light to think outside the box and bring your own ideas to life, this is your chance to create impact like no other by going all in for kids’ health.

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