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Sydney Sick Kids Appeal

Childhood is a precious time that should be filled with laughter, play, and joyful memories. Unfortunately, for thousands of children in the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, illness has put their childhood on hold.

That's why we need your help. With your support, we can provide life-changing and life-saving care to these brave children. Your donation will help us deliver world-class care, giving sick kids the opportunity to experience the joys of childhood.

Together, we can make an incredible difference. Your tax-deductible donation will help us provide the resources and support necessary to give sick kids the childhood they deserve. Don't wait - donate today and join us in our mission to give sick children the chance to be kids.

The kids we help
We're only kids for a fraction of our lives. So every day a child spends in hospital is another precious, irreplaceable day of being a kid, lost.

That's why we need you on our side to help fight for them. Together, we can save lives, find new cures, provide world-class care and give sick kids the childhoods they deserve. Help all sick kids by making a tax deductible donation today!
The kids we help

Yu have an important role to play in giving sick kids a brighter Christmas

Each year, thousands of children need life-changing and life-saving care from the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network - even at Christmas. Being sick can mean that they're away from their families, away from their friends, and the season that should be the most hopeful time of year may not look so bright.

By donating today, you can help sick kids get the world-class healthcare they need, and the brightest Christmas possible!

A girl and nurse in hospital

Meet the kids with a brighter childhood ahead


Meet Nia

Nia is able to enjoy her childhood just like any other kid, thanks to a life-saving clinical trial made possible by donors like you. 


Meet Coen

Coen just took his first steps toward a brighter future. Your donation will help kids like Coen and his family navigate the challenges of rare diseases and childhood illness.


Meet Laura

Laura faced incredible challenges from birth, to become a happy little girl. A gift like yours will help kids like Laura get back to the childhood they deserve.