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2023 Bandaged Bear Bundle


Introducing the SCHF 2023 Bandaged Bear bundle.

Our 2023 Bandaged Bear Bundle is the perfect gift with purpose for kids.  Each bundle contains;

1 x 2023 Clip On Bears (valued at $5)

1 x Keyring (valued at $3)

1 x Bandaged Bear Pen (valued at $3)

1x Sillicone phone wallet (valued at $3)

1x Bandaged Bear ruler (valued at $3)

1x Pigeons and Popcorn book (valued at $10)

1 x Fidget spinner (valued at $5)

1x Kids Bandaged Bear socks (valued at $10)

1 x Bandaged Bear Environmental Shopper (valued at $3)

Get $10 of merchandise for FREE with this bundle, which also comes in a gifted back pack (designs vary and your gifted backpack design cannot be selected at purchase).