Thomas Randall

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

This year, our Great Shave is raising funds for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation. Come support our Great Shave participants on Thursday Week 3 and help raise funds for the SCHF!

If you have any questions or would like to register, please email

Thank you to my Supporters


Ben Zeller


Rae Family

Go Tom!


Emma Zeller


Steve Randall

Well done mate, very proud of you


Lani Di Petta

Its because of the baby pumpkin photo, well done


Lanya Teodo

Well done


Caron Egle

Good job Tom


Kody Seaman

L RatFace


Anne Brown


Janet Delaney

Love from Gran


Mr Unwin


Liam Zeller


Ben Rickard

Onya Tom!


Jack Wunsch

Haha you’re gonna be bald


Scarlett Kenna

go queen!!!


Sophie Bryant

go rat face


Thomas Dau

I love you thomas


Emily Williams

love your work tom!!


Joel Gordon



Matt Maggs

Onya, Tom!


Kim Wilmshurst


Jane Waddleton

A very good cause - Go Tom!


Nicole Hinton

Well done Tom! Looking forward to seeing the hair completely gone!


Sophie Bryant

enjoy 50


Isaac Jaensch

Great Stuff Randall, let’s do this!!!



Great work Tom :)


Cameron Gordon



Maxie Hollo


Franko S



Thomas Dau

We love bald Thomas


Kenny Le

Yes Tom!!


Ryan Rickard



Lauren S



Good onya


Ryan Mitchell

Good on you Tom, congrats🙌