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30 Nov 1999

“There is nothing greater in this world than the ability to give and what better way to do that, by helping these amazing and strong kids” Amanda Seman – Pherrus Financial Services

From multinational companies to individual givers, what bonds so many of SCHF’s supporters is the reward they feel by helping give all kids the best possible healthcare, now and into the future.

Pherrus Financial Services embodies this. Over the last 6 years the Sydney-based accounting firm have donated over $400,000 to SCHF, impacting the lives of sick kids, but also having a deep impact on the team themselves.

Their decision to partner with SCHF came in 2016 from witnessing the incredible impact that the medical professionals at Sydney Children’s Hospital, Randwick have on the lives of each and every child and their families. The leadership of the organisation was inspired, and they made the choice to commit to an ongoing support of children’s healthcare.

Along the way, the team found that while partnering with SCHF has innumerable benefits on sick kids, the effect on Pherrus themselves has also been profound.

“Working with SCHF has opened up our team members’ eyes to the trials sick children face, and their families,” says Amanda Seman, Pherrus X. “We have a renewed appreciation for the children, healthcare workers and greater medical and support communities”.

This positive effect on the team goes beyond new-found appreciation; it has also helped boost staff morale and even fostered a closer and more connected team.

As an organisation committed to being best in business, their connection with SCHF also gives Pherrus an opportunity to become an example in charitable giving within the financial services industry, and to other small to medium businesses in general. Their support demonstrating that it is not just large corporations whose donations make a difference, but that small to medium business support also has a profound impact.

A successful ongoing partnership is based on the benefits being felt by everyone involved, and for Pherrus the path forward is clear - the future of business success for this organisation is intertwined with their charitable giving. “Each year we strive to achieve more so that we can increase our donations, as we have seen what donated funds can do to make a difference,” says Amanda.

“We incorporate our success with our donations and I can honestly say it has been an empowering and inspiring journey.”

Thank you, Pherrus Financial Services, for going all in for kids’ health!


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