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Sharing his incredible gift of art through creating jaw dropping large scale murals, Reuben supported SCHF’s recent brand campaign by bringing visions to life.

Tell us about yourself and your connection to SCHF? 

My name is Rueben and I go by the artist name Reubzz. I’ve been painting pretty seriously my whole life. I went to art school and continued painting for myself for many years and then found a purpose painting walls and murals, so quit my job in 2018 and have been doing this ever since.  

What inspired you to get involved?  

I worked on the SCHF mural for five days, pretty long days. Working around weather is always interesting but painting large scale stuff is my favourite, but I think I’ve spent about 50-60 hours on this piece.  

I was inspired to get involved to work with Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation and their Movement of Many. The opportunity to work with Ollie, take the photograph of him which I used for the mural and adding that extra layer of personal connection to the artwork has been great – definitely a favourite.  

The creative direction of this piece was a large scale portrait of Ollie as he is today, but we also wanted to include a narrative of him growing up being an amputee – capturing that and the young man that he is today. To be able to give Ollie that feeling of being proud of what he’s overcome in his life was awesome.

Why are you proud to be a part of SCHF’s Movement of Many? 

My sister is a doctor and has worked at Sydney Children’s Hospital before. I’ve also got two little girls and we’ve spent time in hospital with them.  

Having the Movement of Many and volunteers involved was great having them around and being able to work with different people in this space was fun. Obviously doing what I do I work by myself a lot so to have that connection and community feel was great. 

Do you have a message to others out there who are thinking of getting involved? 

A message I’d like to share to encourage people to get involved is it’s a two way thing – you get something out of it for yourself, it makes you feel good but then you are also helping people out. Working with the charity and working on something that’s bigger than your own little world is super important.

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