Greg’s mission to give back

25 January 2024 | Expected time to read: 2 minutes

Greg Minton in front of the Children's Operating Theatres at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead

“Before he died, my father asked me to do one thing: to give back. So, every year I do so willingly to repay them and give others the best opportunity in life,” Greg Minton.

Greg grew up in a struggling family in Gladstone, a small town in Queensland. From a family of 4 Children, Greg was the only child to finish high school.

“We didn't have enough room for a desk, but I wasn’t about to let that stop me, so what I did was sit on the floor with a book and study,” Greg explained.

Despite every challenge, Greg not only finished high school but excelled, being awarded a scholarship to study engineering at Queensland University. After graduating, while working as an engineer, Greg also debuted as a professional rugby league player, spending a few seasons in the late 1980s with the Souths Magpies, a top-level club in Brisbane.  

Greg playing Rugby League for the Souths Magpies

An ambitious man, Greg also completed a Bachelor of Economics before going on to complete his MBA at the prestigious International Institute for Management Development (IMD) in Switzerland. 

Greg used this education to build an exceptionally successful private equity career until he was dealt a devastating blow in his 50s.

“I used to have between nine and 12 Panadol every single day. Doctors would tell me to drink more water or, as I got older, less coffee.”

After the headaches turned to vomiting, Greg knew something wasn’t right. After presenting to the hospital, he was diagnosed with a brain tumour requiring multiple brain surgeries.

“Out of the nearly 2,000 Australians diagnosed with brain tumours every year, I am one of the lucky ones. So I do all that I can to repay my luck.”  

As Greg walked out of Westmead Hospital after his first brain surgery, he looked over at The Children’s Hospital at Westmead and decided he wanted to do what he could to give back. 

“I came out of Westmead and heard they were rebuilding the Children’s Hospital, and my aim was simple: to give hope to others. I wanted to honour the work that my surgeon, Dr Mark Dexter and the team did and give others the best opportunity.” 

His incredibly generous donation to the Digital Operating Theatres will impact thousands of kids each year, with countless numbers benefitting for generations to come. The state-of-the-art facilities will mean these kids will have access to the world-class care they need and deserve so that they have the best chance possible at a happy, healthy childhood. 

Greg standing in front of a SCHF philanthropy creates infinite possibilities banner

“I’ve got three children and one grandchild.  As a parent/grandparent, I want to give other children the opportunity to thrive.”  

Nearly 40 years on from school, Greg is also on a mission to enable students to get the best education possible. To do this, he funds scholarships for students at Queensland University.  

Despite everything he has faced, Greg retains extraordinary mental willpower and physical fitness, regularly completing long-distance walks and swims. 

“I tell my story to show people everything's possible. We all have these tough times, and we get knocked down, but don't quit, just focus on getting back up. Always just think about getting back up.”  

Even after five brain surgeries, Greg is on a mission to inspire others to give, to ensure the next generation has every opportunity to thrive.  

“What I want to do is inspire others - my children, my grandchildren, my siblings and their families to help out too. If I've been part of something that inspires someone else outside my family, that’s pretty special too.”  

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