Join our community of unstoppable content creators leading the charge and going all in for kids’ health.

Streamer wearing headphones and holding up a heart symbol with their hands
Streamers are the next generation of philanthropists and since Stream Team’s inaugural campaign in 2021, our community has raised over $50,000 for the frontline of children’s healthcare – from the hospital wards to the treatment rooms, the research labs to the outreach programs.

Join our Stream Team today and raise vital funds for a great cause through your charity stream. You can host a video game tournament, a Q&A session or set milestone challenges playing your favourite game.
Rally your community together and join our Movement of Many, fighting for the health and wellbeing of sick kids in an everchanging world.

Let's Get Started


Register your stream

Create and publish your fundraising page.


Set your milestone

Play with your eyes closed, shave your head or set any engaging milestones for when you hit your fundraising targets!


Download your toolkit

Download our Stream Team toolkit with our Overlay, dollar handles and social tiles to show your SCHF spirit!


Stream Team

Press play!

Tell your community about your stream and let’s hit play for sick kids!

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What is streaming?

Streaming refers to any media content - live or recorded - delivered to computers and mobile devices via the internet and played back in real time. Podcasts, webcasts, movies, TV shows, music videos and video games are common forms of streaming content.

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How does Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation raise funds through streaming?

Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation uses a fundraising platform called Tiltify,  for streaming, integrating with streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube and Facebook. Anyone can create a fundraising page on Tiltify, link their stream and utilise it’s fun and engaging tools to empower streamers to fundraise with their audience for a great cause.

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Who can stream?

Anyone with internet! Online or in person, you can stream your content. There are so many fun and exciting ways to get involved and go all in for kids’ health – whether it’s rallying your college or workplace together and dedicating your volunteering hours to stream for sick kids. Or hosting a games night with family and friends in support of a good cause? However you choose to

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What can I stream?

Games, art or a cooking class – you can decide what content you would like to stream. As you are supporting Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation, please keep the Twitch Terms of Service in mind and your reputation in the community. You can view our full Terms and Conditions of fundraising here.

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I want to join Stream Team but don’t know where to start, can SCHF assist?

We sure can! Reach out to our friendly Stream Team lead Kellie and she can set you up with what you need to know to maximise the impact of your charity stream.  

Why stream for Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation? 

  • Be a part of our incredible Movement of Many, who are passionate about gaming in a positive and meaningful way. 
  • Join a community of like-minded people and connect with new friends who have similar passions and interests. 
  • Raise vital funds for the frontline of children’s healthcare, supporting sick and injured kids across NSW and beyond.