Mariam Hares - People & Culture Manager

Mariam Hares

Chief People and Culture Officer

Appointed May 2022

I’m all in for kids’ health because children are our future, and every child deserves access to the best possible healthcare wherever and whenever they need it.”

Mariam began her human resources career in the hospitality industry and has worked in leadership roles across the technology, finance, property management and consumer goods sectors. 

No matter which industry she works in, Mariam is passionate about creating a people-first culture in the workplace. Throughout her career, she has designed and implemented processes and systems to make the employee lifecycle easy and create lasting positive relationships between organisations and their people. 

This includes moving to paperless and automated systems, developing workforce plans to support strong performance and success for individuals and leading compliance-made-easy projects that enhance productivity through learning and development frameworks. 

As workforce needs continue to change and develop, Mariam is ready to embrace new ways of working to ensure staff members have meaningful employment and achieve a positive work/life balance.  

As a daughter of refugee parents, Mariam has had the significance of good health instilled in her. She believes, above everything, protecting and advocating for the health and wellbeing of the future of our world – children – is the most important thing we can do. 

And that is what led her to SCHF. Mariam is deeply inspired by the work SCHF is doing for all sick kids and is excited to be a part of such an organisation so committed to giving all children access to the best possible healthcare, no matter when, no matter what.