Dr David Court


(appointed August 2018)

“I am all in for kids’ health because every life saved or improved in childhood has such a long tail and the learning multiplies down the generations.”

Following a trip to his local Canberra cinema in 1981, David Court instantly knew that he’d follow the bright lights of the silver screen throughout his professional career.  

After cutting his teeth at the Australian Film Commission, he eventually become a key player in Australia’s film and television industry. Formerly Head of Screen Business at the Australian Film Television & Radio School, David has been involved in the financing of more than a dozen film and television productions. He shares his specialist knowledge as an author and policy maker, including as the architect of the Film Finance Corporation, which invested more than $1 billion in Australian film and television productions over a 20 year period.  

David is the founder of Compton School, Australia’s first business school for creative people and the chairman of Screen Canberra. He welcomes the challenge of raising the most money possible and has a deep connection with the mission of paediatric healthcare.