SCHF in action

One foot at the front line and one in the future of kids’ health.

Our People

The SCHF team is made up of a diverse collective of passionate professionals united by a mission to go all in for kids’ health, no matter where, no matter what.

Our Board

The Foundation has an independent voluntary Board, which ensures Sydney Children’s Hospitals Foundation is operating legally, ethically, and responsibly. The purpose and activities of the Foundation are defined in our Constitution, which guides the Board’s decisions and underpins our strategic direction.

Duncan Makeig

Appointed October 2007

Simon Hickey
Deputy Chair

Appointed October 2009

James Brindley

Appointed April 2016

Tom Butcher

Appointed June 2018

Gina Cass-Gottlieb

Appointed August 2012

Dr David Court

Appointed November 2018

Elizabeth Crouch AM

Appointed March 2020

Wayne Mo

Appointed February 2019

David Nott

Appointed November 2020

Dr Matthew O’Meara

Appointed October 2010

Danny Rezek

Appointed November 2021

Our Executive Leadership Team

Nicola Stokes

Appointed January 2016

Colin Allen
GM Philanthropy

Appointed September 2021

Kate Ferguson
GM Engagement

Appointed September 2020

Yvonne Stewart
Greenlight Program Director

Appointed January 2015

Erica Nelson
Head of Leadership Development

Appointed March 2020

Our Patron

Emeritus Professor Les White

AM DSc DUniv

“It was an honour to serve on the Foundation’s Board for over 20 years and is an exceptional honour to serve as Patron. Through the Foundation we will work to innovate, to build, to grow and to engage the community around the issues of paediatric healthcare, so that together we can always put children first. As Patron, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to contribute to our children’s future.”

Our Values

We are courageous

The Foundation recognises that courage is central to our current and future success. We encourage our staff and stakeholders to bring forward their great ideas for our collective ‘wise crowd’ to make them happen with our individual and collective courage.

We are supportive

The Foundation is an organisation that enables staff and volunteers to thrive. We are committed to developing the capabilities of our staff, and to achieving a positive, kind and productive workplace culture.

We are collaborative

The Foundation recognises that every person who engages with and contributes to the Foundation is one of our stakeholders. We collaborate and work in partnership with each of our stakeholders to deliver our shared purpose.

We are accountable

The Foundation is committed to being fully accountable for our decisions and actions. The responsibility to make planned decisions for the full utilisation of our resources and the distribution of donor funds is a significant responsibility.

Our Governance

The Foundation has a voluntary Board committed to ensuring our organisation is operating legally, ethically and responsibly.

The Foundation’s Constitution provides a platform for the Board’s decisions and direction, augmented by the 2019-2022 Strategy, which will also help to guide the Board’s focus over the next three years.

To better support the delivery of our strategic vision, the Board has refreshed its governance model by introducing sub-committees aligned with each of the core focus areas and the Balanced Scorecard progress measures.

Each of the sub-committees is chaired by a Board Director and operates within an agreed Charter. Where appropriate, external experts will be invited to contribute to ensure a broad range of views and ideas are heard, to deliver better outcomes.

We are an independent health promotion charity, registered with the Australian Taxation Office as an Item 1 Deductible Gift Recipient.

We are a company limited by guarantee, registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC) and we are an approved holder of the Registered Charity Tick.

Further information about our governance, investment policy and regulatory framework is available

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