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As a member of Kids’ Army, your regular gifts go to the front line of children’s healthcare and transform lives through research, clinical excellence and patient experience.

Making every moment the best it can be for sick kids, always.

If the world were perfect, no child would ever get sick or injured, and children’s hospitals would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

That’s why we’re so glad we have you.

As a member of Kids’ Army you help the Sydney Children’s Hospitals network provide the best possible healthcare to kids wherever and whenever they need it – now and in the future.

Your regular gifts go directly to the front line of children’s healthcare and transform lives through:


Kids’ Army members accelerate crucial discoveries in children’s health and turn them into innovative treatments, preventions and cures sooner.

Clinical Care

The Kids’ Army helps fund state-of-the-art equipment, clinical spaces, programs, specialised emergency transport, doctors, nurses – and more – to provide the world-class care kids deserve.

Patient experiences

Regular gifts mean that when kids get sick and injured, we can ensure extraordinary care that will bring smiles to their faces – even at the most difficult times. The Kids’ Army funds programs including play, music and art therapy, along with vital support for families and opportunities for distraction and entertainment to make the days brighter.

Kids’ Army helps deliver the best possible healthcare to around 170,000 kids each year.

Across the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network

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“My son was in the best possible hands, thanks to the support donors like you give the Foundation.“

– Tamara, mum of Bryson who received successful treatment for a brain tumour at Westmead Children’s Hospital.

Our Donor Promise

Your regular gifts will help make every moment the best it can be for sick kids - now and in the future. We promise, every gift will go to the front lines, ensuring we’re there for the newborns and the not-yet-borns, the toddlers and the teenagers.

With the vital support of Kids’ Army we’ll be there for sick kids who need outstanding care for a short time or a long time, and together we’ll change the landscape of children’s healthcare.

With you by our side, going all in, always, no child will ever have to hear the words, “Sorry we can’t help you”.