Fundraise with a Bunnings BBQ

Rotary Club members running a Bunnings BBQ

Bunnings allow local community clubs, groups and schools to run Sausage Sizzle BBQs so that they can fundraise for a cause close to their heart. If you belong to a community club or group or would like to get together a bunch of family and friends to do some fundraising, Bunnings BBQs are a great way to support SCHF! They are easy to organise, low cost and quite straight forward to run on the day. They are also a fun way to be out and about in your local community!

Minka cooking at a Bunnings BBQ

How to get involved

  • Contact us with your preferred store and date – please note, some stores book out months in advance, so it is great to get in early with your date.
  • SCHF will book the BBQ for you with Bunnings and provide them with a letter that you are fundraising for us. We will also issue you with an authority to fundraise (ATF) document that allows you to run the BBQ fundraiser on behalf of SCHF.
  • Bunnings will then email through what you need to bring on the day, such as napkins, gloves, wipes, and BBQ tools. They will also advise catering requirements, liability insurance requirements and COVID safety/OH&S guidelines.

  • Please note your group will need to purchase all supplies prior to the day, then the cost of supplies can be taken from the BBQ profits.
  • SCHF will give you with a letter that you can show to your local butcher, baker or supermarket saying that you are fundraising for us and asking if they would offer free or discounted supplies for the day.
  • SCHF will give you posters that you can put up on the day to show Bunnings customers what you are fundraising for, and we can also give you a collection bucket for people to give donations if they choose to do so.
  • When the day comes, have fun and enjoy! Take lots of photos and send through to us afterwards (Note – we may want to use these photos on our website or social media. We will ask you for permission prior.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which days and what time does the BBQ run?

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BBQs are held on Saturdays and Sundays. Preparation usually starts around 7am and the day will finish around 5pm (or when you run out of supplies!)

How many people are required to run a BBQ?

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It is recommended to do the BBQ in shifts – so a morning shift from 7am-12pm then an afternoon shift from 12pm-5pm. A minimum of 4 people per shift is a good number to ensure the smooth running of the BBQ and that you don’t get too tired!

How many sausages and drinks should we have on the day? What other food is required?

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Each Bunnings store has a different amount of foot traffic. Once the BBQ is booked in, the store will provide an approximate guideline of how much catering you need. Food items required for the day are bread, sausages, onions, sauces (BBQ and tomato), and drinks, such as a mix of bottled water and cans of Coke, lemonade, Lift, Fanta or other soft drinks. 

How much can we charge for a sausage sandwich and drink?

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Bunnings has set the price at $3.50 for a sandwich and $1.50 for a drink.

How much can we expect to raise at the end of the BBQ?

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It really depends on the amount of foot traffic at your store. We have had fundraisers raise anything from $700 up to $4,000!

What if there is bad weather?

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A lot of stores have the BBQs set up under shelter however please stay in contact with your SCHF representative and local store in case of extreme weather.

Do we need cash?

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Yes, you will need a small cash float on the day to give change to customers.

Are there electronic payment facilities?

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Your Bunnings store can provide you with a machine to take card payments, and instructions on how to use this. Please advise at the time of booking the BBQ if you would like this option. Note this is to pay for sausages and drinks only; donations cannot be made on these machines.

How do we get the proceeds from the day over to SCHF?

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The Authority to Fundraise document has our bank account details so that you can deposit the money you have raised into our bank account, or you can post us a cheque.

THANK YOU for your interest and for being all in for kids’ health! Please fill out the form below if you would like to host a BBQ, or if you have any further questions, please email Matt Foulkes, Community Coordinator, on and he will be in touch.