Kira Burgstaller

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

Daramalan College's Great Shave 2022

This year, our Great Shave is raising funds for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation. support our Great Shave participants to help raise funds for the SCHF!
If you have any questions or would like to register, please email
As well as raising money  for the Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation I am raising awareness of cancer as both my grandmothers having cancer.
I need to raise at least $100 to be allowed to shave my hair so please help out for the people in need.
With donating you don't have to do the pre selected amount you can choose any amount you wish.

Thank you to my Supporters


Trond Antonsen

So great to see young people like you Kira give your efforts to help others that don’t even know you but deserve help & respect. Fantastic.


Elisabeth Burgstaller

Thankyou and love you x


Romano Gaspardis

OMG Kira you are awesome. Before and after pics please. Great cause and you are very brave.


Lisa Burgstaller

Way to go girl. You are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see you this afternoon


Raz And Steve


Debbie Dixon

You go girl! I am so proud of you. This donation is also from Greg.


Daniela Eder


Derek Van Someren

Good job Kira


Ronnie And Luci



What a wonderful cause! You’re amazing Kira! 😍


Jodie Stroud

Awesome work Kira🙌 great cause we love your motivation xox the Stroud's



You are so beautiful and so awesome! 🥰


Walter Dad

I’m going to miss those beautiful curls


Lee Moore


Cash Donations

these are cash donations from Walter burgstaller , Grace and Chloe


Bridget Pham

Hi Kira! Great job on the shave! Have a good day. 😀❤️


Cheryl Southwell

Yay you rock Kira


Jeffery Wolstenholme


Jackie Ahern

Well done Kira looks good



Great work Kirra


Layla Foot

Kira, you are suck a great friend and I am so proud of you for doing this, you’re so brave 💕


Jillian Ryan

Kira, You are so amazing thanks for being such a kind person.


Kate Lewis

Go Kira!!! You should be so proud of yourself :)


Jules R

Well done Kira!


Lisa Roulston

From someone who lost all their hair to cancer treatment xxxxxxx




Ruby J

Good job Kira! Can't wait to see your new hair!