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Welcoming Shivaan Khanna

By Kavita Khanna

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Welcoming Shivaan Khanna

Our families have been blessed by God in so many different ways. One of those blessings is our grandson/son Shivaan Khanna.

To celebrate our little blessing's arrival into this world, we would appreciate any donations (big or small) to The Children's Hospital Foundations Australia. The foundation supports 5 major children's hospitals around Australia. This will assist those little angels who are sick and in need of special care.

For more information about The Children's Hospital Foundations Australia, please visit their website:

Please Note: All funds raised will be distributed amongst the 5 hospitals that are funded by the Foundation. All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

With sincere thanks:

Vijay & Kusum Kejriwal

Sumit & Kavita Khanna

Thank you to my Supporters


Vijay Kejriwal


Kavita Khanna


Tejeshwar Bedi