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Ava's 2nd Birthday :)

By Jessica Stephenson

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Ava's 2nd Birthday :)

A little over a year ago our world got turned upside down, at 11 months our little girl had major surgery. It was heartbreaking to see our baby go through this.

But today she has just turned 2! And she is a healthy, happy, clever little girl and we have Sydney Children??s Hospital to thank for this. We count ourselves lucky every day to have had such an amazing place with amazing people to fix Ava and help her have a healthy life.

So for our friends and family that were thinking of getting Ava a gift we would like to ask if you could make a donation to the hospital instead, even if you weren??t going to get a gift please help us raise money for this wonderful hospital which makes a big difference to so many children and their families each and every day!

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